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Once you’ve decided you’d like to create your own handfasting cord from materials I provide, this is what happens:

1. You contact me with your colour choices, and any preferences you have for materials.  We’ll then have a chat about the kind of feel you’re going for and the budget you’re working to, and I’ll pull together a collection of things which I think will interest you.

2. I’ll email you several photos with suggested materials.

3. If you’re happy with the selection, we then decide on how you’d like the ends to be treated. This will in part be dictated by the materials themselves (for example some satin braid needs to have a cap on the ends, otherwise it will initially unravel itself into a very pretty kinked rope, which within weeks will turn into a much less attractive frizzy mess). The cost implications of any end choices will be made completely clear at this stage, so you never get any nasty surprises.

4. Materials and ends selected, I then pull together your handfasting cord kit.  If end treatments have been requested, I will get this done, and once its all ready I’ll package everything up for you and send it off.  Its as simple as that!


If you want to vary the Kit options by adding in charms I already have in stock, that’s not a problem.  I can send you images of anything you’re interested in and let you know charm by charm what the cost would be, so you can make an informed decision.  As an indication of what I generally always have in stock, I can add in heavyweight Tibetan silver charms of almost anything, plus wire wrapped amethyst/rose quartz and other crystals, glass lampwork focal pendants, porcelain Green Man beads, and so on. Let me know what you’d like and I’ll tell you if I have it!

If you’d like me to source items which are not in stock, I’m more than happy to do this, and we can discuss your requirements/budget etc as applicable.

The key is flexibility - from a Kit involving nothing more than a selection of materials and the means to tie them at the ends, to a Kit which includes everything you need to be able to make a completely finished handfasting cord, what and how much goes into each Kit is entirely your decision.