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As much as I love creating handfasting cords for people all over the world, I understand that there are many couples who would prefer to make their own.  I also understand that for many of these couples, finding the time to spend hours and hours poring over internet sites, searching out special and unusual materials, ordering things that look perfect, waiting weeks for things to arrive and then finding out they’re less than ideal, is not always easy, or even an option.  Many couples will resort to simply using plain satin ribbons - not as a preference, but as the only realistic choice they feel is left.

And that’s where I come in :-)

I have already spent countless hours scouring the internet, have already ordered every colour of the rainbow looking for specific shades, I have materials in every texture you can think of that can be used in a handfasting cord, some plain and some patterned, I have decorative lace and organic rope and everything in between.

My handfasting cord kits are an ‘in-between’ option, for those couples who would prefer to be personally involved in the preparation of their cord, but would rather take advantage of my experience in gathering the materials for them.  This leaves them free to focus on the braiding, rather than the sourcing.

They are still very much personalised but you as a couple create the cord, I simply provide the raw materials.  And because I’m not spending time creating the cord and its decorative elements, I can pass these time and therefore money, savings on to you.

There are a few simple steps, and an up front cost that is calculated according to the number of colours and materials you’d like in your cord, and that’s all there is to it!  I will send you a parcel containing all the materials you need to braid your own handfasting cord, along with cord for tying the ends of your braid together.  I can leave the ends of the sections untreated, or finish them with caps and rings so you can attach your own charms and pendants.

To give you an idea of costs, a cord with nine strands, incorporating satin, velvet and lace materials with the ends capped ready for you to add charms would cost in the region of £50 plus p&p, posted worldwide.

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