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All handfasting cords are sent out in high quality, rigid cardboard boxes with an ivory finish, but sometimes a little extra is required. If you intend to display your tied handfasting cords at a Reception for instance, you may want a more elaborate box to do so.  Some couples choose to display their cords when they get home, hanging them on the wall above the bed is a popular choice, whilst others prefer to keep them tucked away in a special keepsake box, often with their photos, and take them out to reminisce from time to time.

Either way, if you want a box for your cords that’s a little bit special, we can help. All the boxes start out either a plain ivory or plain white finish, and everything else is added. So if you want a bronze shimmer on your lid, or you like the ideas of feathers and diamante, or a plush, padded box interior lined in bright pink satin, just ask! Unless you want something personalised to the extent you want names and dates added to the box, there's no commitment to buy after you ask for a custom creation. The Keepsake box will be created and an email will be sent to let you know its available, and the box will be added to the Custom Boxes page so you're free to make a decision to buy, or not, at that point.

To complement your handfasting cords, accessories can be created as a 'mini' version for gifts to friends and family on the day - perhaps bracelets for young bridesmaids, or handbag charms for the Matron of Honour and mother of the bride.

And if you’d like a more personal accessory to your handfasting cord, why not have a matching garter? With no elastic and all made to measure, you can be sure it’ll be totally comfortable and stay put all day!

Any accessories created will be as unique and bespoke as your cords, created to your specifications. They can match your colours, or perhaps be in a complementary, paler shade. If your cords are complex, they could be simpler but perhaps with similar beads and pendants. As with the cords, the only limit is imagination!