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Requesting a custom handfasting cord can seem a daunting prospect, but its really just a case of thinking about a few questions, submitting a request via the Contact page here or Custom Request link on Etsy, then having a chat about exactly what you’d like.  There’s no obligation to buy, costs are very flexible and there’s an almost limitless variation on colours, materials and charms which can be added to make your cord unique.  Custom work is my favourite, so have a read through the questions below and drop me a line on the Contacts page, we can take it from there :-)

1. How many cords do you want?  Do you want one long cord to share, or a slightly shorter cord that’s more tailored to both of you?

2. How many strands do you want in each cord?  Perhaps if 5 is your lucky number, then 5 strands would be the way to go.  Odd numbers are usually the most popular as they tend to braid the best.

3. What kind of materials are you looking for?  Cords need to be flexible enough to be knotted.  Things like satin, silk, ribbon, velvet, leather, suede, rope, wool, braids, chain etc all work well.

4. What kind of customisation is important?  Popular choices are things like including your birthstone, references to your star sign or even things like dragons or tigers if they relate to your birth year according to the Chinese calendar.

5. Is the location of your celebration relevant to the cords?  Perhaps you’re getting married on a beach and would like shells incorporated, or on a cruise so like the idea of a nautical theme.  Forest weddings are popular, as are handfasting cords in natural, earthy colours to complement this.  Or perhaps you’re off to Vegas and want something covered in rhinestones? :-)

6. Are gemstones important to you?  Many people believe that certain aspects of our lives can be enhanced by specific gemstones.  Perhaps you might like hematite to be added to enhance relationships, or amethyst for calm and peace?  If there’s a specific area that you’d like to know which gemstones could be applied to, just let me know and I can send you more details.
7. Do you have a favourite colour?  The colour of the cords can play a critical role, whether they are simply your favourite colour, or perhaps the colour associated with the wedding anniversary which you are using the handfasting cords to celebrate.